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Group plan: Human body sees below microscope super shock

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A lot of people always think the eye can see any any material in the world, objects, so these people generated a kind of obstinate idea, he thinks the thing that sees through the eye just is true, he is invisible do not believe. Actually, the person's eye has very big limitation. In a lot of wider fields, eye institute sees the object is not true certainly. The development of modern science had confirmed this. On the hand that sees lay a person in microscope please a bit enlarge 1 - 1016 times, what can we see? Super shock oh!

1 meter
Wake wake hello! Be peeped still do not know.

0.1 meters
A meter very one of, also call decimetre, the measure that our hand can hold. The major object that believes human place is contacted is in such an amount class. Those who see you all round, clavier, mouse, mobile phone, cup, bowl...

1 centimeter
This is the furrow detail on his hand. Maybe you magnified still do not have him fine skin tender flesh. Ready-made, we are about to enter another new field -- microcosmos.

1 millimeter
The pore on the hand. But, where is fine hair on the human body? Be dizzy!

100 micron
Magnify again decuple, see cutaneous organize a structure dimly.

10 micron
The quantitative class of a cell is 10 micron, of course this is only generally speaking. Insert a mouth, the biggest cell on the world is ostrich egg, it is an alone oocyte, quantitative class is decimetre class, fierce.

1 micron
Doubt seems the nucleolus film that biology class has gone to school, detail.

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