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Newest CT technique can reduce radiation effectively

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Medical physicist CynthiaH.McCollough uses a new technology to be able to help radiology home control patient place to get radiant dose. A few days ago, in 2007 whole nations radiation protection and measure committee meeting to go up to make a specification to this technology, because American public lacks the knowledge of the radiate about radioactivity medical apparatus and instruments and risk generally,point out further, meanwhile media often is released however a few report about radiant disorder, perhaps create about radiant myth for example spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, perhaps cause the whole people panicky to radiant.

Once published now an article on the United States caused the masses panicky to CT radiant, the article alleges, average if 6 million children are in 15 years old when accept abdomen or the CT of the head detects will bring about among them the death of 500 children. This article allows a lot of patients that ever had accepted CT to detect get on the mood tremendous wave motion.

M CCollough thinks the problem ought not to be " CT is safe " however " whether can CT solve clinical problem " , she introduced a newest CT scanner to be able to show CT radiant dosage at the same time, so radiative doctor can be become according to what differ decide radiation size like demand, scan every time can record radiation amount, such bulk that they can control radiation to measure according to the different organ of the examination. At the same time they still can use these parameter to estimate effective dose, the biologic risk that becomes in order to avoid potential.

The agent measures a quantity to be able to help radiative doctor the radiative dosage of accurate on body of different case of illness use safety, the challenge that this technology poses to the doctor is enough like image clarity still assures below the case that how drops in dosage in order to be used at diagnosing.

New CT scanner namely inside buy equipment is filtering the ability of electron beam energy and noise respect is very powerful, the doctor should press pair of button only or come back move correct dial to be able to be reduced dosage and adjust picture quality. Say for example, automatic illuminate is installed can basis ill human body tailor-made diagnostic record, tube current (the radiation dose that MAS) modulator can use modulation X, Y and Z image plane. On the base that maintains level of sound level resembling a confusion of voices in stability, new scanner can reduce the radiation dosage of about 50% . Heart CT is when cardiac cycle application, through reducing tube current, also can reduce the dosage of 40% .

"To the patient of different type of build or figure we can reduce the dosage of 20% on average, even if super and fat patient also can reduce a few dosage. " Mccollough says. The patient is met more and more apt is being accepted video the radiation dosage that they will accept professional public figure seeks advice before diagnosing. She says, "This notion is current the likelihood is too abstruse, but the many sided balance that understanding is pair of risks for effective dose on the other hand, it is helpful for a patient making a decision again after comparing a risk. It is helpful for a patient making a decision again after comparing a risk..
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