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Recently, the highest estrade in surgery of international heart and vessels -- on mass rally of year of association of American bosom surgery, had for the first time hair from chinese mainland children first the sound of anxiety domain: Courtyard of Chinese medical courses in general mounds moustache of ill hospital of unfaithful intentions blood-vessel fills birthday to teach read out " double ventricle is poured out of rebuild strategy and art form choice " congress report, high opinion is obtained in international person of the same trade.

According to introducing, aorta of normal person cardiac and left ventricle are linked together, and some children can produce ventricular aortic unusual join, namely aorta and rigth ventricle " receive by accident " , return can amalgamative left ventricle to pour out of stricture, expression is serious and anoxic, cyanosis, lose mobile ability. Be like not seasonable Jiao Zhi, the little patient often dies young before school age, but common main artery turns around the operation is unwell at difficulty of this kind of Jiao Zhi huge a priori misshapes.

April 2004, center of surgery of heart of children of ill hospital of the heart and vessels outside mounding takes the lead in founding in the world form of a kind of new technique -- " art of double conversion of aortic root ministry " , rebuild at the same time namely left ventricle of the little patient and rigth ventricle blood pour out of a passageway.

Doctor Liu Zhigang introduces this center, the difficulty of double conversion of aortic root ministry is extremely tall, the doctor wants a little patient cardiac all aorta and pulmonary artery " the dig that connect a root goes out " , their positional crossing-over, and again establish coronary artery, at the same time utmost ground withholds the valve of child oneself and side to raise blood-vessel to wait, what true implementation anatomizes a meaning to go up is complete effect a radical cure. Rebuilding haemal passageway is implicative the organization such as valve grows as the child's growth, can utmost ground prevents an operation 2 times, those who raise the child live quality. Up to this year April, the hospital outside mounding is successive operation of 20 Jiao Zhi wins a success completely.

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