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"All-purpose flu is vaccinal " already entered human body clinical trial

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From on 90 time begin the century, teach the scientific research group of the VIB that present as leading role and Ghent university by Wotefeier, begin to develop vaccine of this kind of all-purpose flu. According to " daily science " the website reports 18 days, the effort that passes a scientist more than 10 years, research achieved tremendous breakthrough eventually.

The scientist discovered a such facts that are ignored easily: The protein of flu virus surface, common calls M2 protein, it never produces change. In the mankind's foregone flu virus, include to go up the creates disease craze virus of century happening, only alone it can " pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others " , never varietal. Be based on the characteristic of M2 protein, development of their success land goes a kind of vaccine and the test had on mice and other animal body. The result shows, vaccine of this kind of M2 can is opposite virus of all A department flu undertake effective defense, and do not have any side-effect.

Come up from theory tell, this kind of vaccine can cope with all A to fasten virus, include the big popular virus with a few extremely strong power even.

All-purpose flu is vaccinal, begin human body clinical trial. The research of VIB and Ghent university, the your kind effort of the Acambis of company of technology of Ying Meisheng content that got headquarters is set in British Cambridge supports. After vaccinal development is successful, when application of large area promotion appears particularly pressing.

Acambis company took the lead in obtaining the exclusive and patent authorization of the flu vaccine of VIB, and both sides has begun the other development of proceed future jointly work. Current, had begun to have the first level of clinical trial, m2 vaccine is injected at a certain quantity of healthy crowd, with will examine vaccinal security, detect the vaccine influence to system of human body immunity.

Company of Acambis biology technology studies the controller of the group ever expressed: "We hope achieved goal is, consider and need not manufacture new vaccine every year like now again, because every time when a new flu virus appears, be forced to develop new vaccine to always want to be expended for a long time, had not waited for us to develop a new vaccine sometimes, a lot of people had been affected. A lot of people had been affected..

When does this kind of all-purpose vaccine move toward the market truly, people raises his head and look in order to long for. Spending a winter that does not have flu after all is a of a lot of people the simplest desire.

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