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Use at detecting in blood bacterium of cause of disease is artificial DNA resear

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The Panagene that has the world of a kind of PNA of artificial DNA to produce power solely announces they will be exclusive offer to AdvanDx company of the United States can detect from inside blood of 1.5 million minutes the diagnostic KIT that gives bacterium of cause of disease.

All the time since detect whether does bacterium of cause of disease exist to affect a phenomenon in blood, according to the different need of pathogen 2~3 day is controlled. Use Panagene opens the PNA Probe that give out to need 2 hours to be able to discover pathogen only. Such making rapid and effective use antibiotic prescription undertakes diagnostic becoming a possibility. Can avoid to use needless antibiotic and the time of be in hospital to reduce a patient to make contribution.

PNA Probe is RNA of bacterium of cause of disease of the infuse in pointing to the blood in the patient, discovers Xiang Guang is lubricious artificial DNA. Apply PNA in hospital domain and realize business to use spend this or first time. The controller of AdvanDx company expresses: "While the PNA Probe as Panagene comes on stage at the same time with Europe in the United States, the dead number that be affected because of blood and appears will decrease greatly. The dead number that be affected because of blood and appears will decrease greatly..

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