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Full new measure: Hopeful of qualitative dry cell is filled to be used at facial

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The researcher of research center of biology of member of area of skull of university of the California austral the United States applies eulogy billows (transliteration) reach its work in the same placing, in the research of dry rejuvenesce skeleton and skin organization the domain had new breakthrough.

He and the dentistry expert that come from Korea, China discover jointly, qualitative dry cell is filled between (MSCs) can the skeleton with second birth mice and facial pig and skin organization. They are being published at " dry cell " the research paper middle finger on the magazine goes out, qualitative dry cell is filled to will turn plastic surgery into the doctor's edge tool between, use at repair serious facial destroy a look to arrive dispel furrow.

Shi Songtao says: "This and current plastic technology differ right-down, it is in very likely before long the change is current in the future of plastic surgery ' appearance ' .

Current, they used two kinds of source in research fill qualitative dry cell. One kind comes from at human body marrow, shi Songtao and colleague these fill qualitative dry cell in the forehead of embedded experiment animal. 8 week hind, forehead is apparently patulous, the test shows as a result, these new organizations are very healthy, and can be the same as existent skeletal confluence completely. More startling is: New skeletal organization can achieve automatic trends to balance position -- , the process that automatic trends is manufacturing red blood cell and leucocyte evenly.

He says: "This is very important, this is not embedded, however body organization and its functionary are patulous, these cells are capable to coordinate the work with the cell inside the body. These cells are capable to coordinate the work with the cell inside the body..

Additionally one kind filling qualitative dry cell is extracted from inside tooth week ligament, what he and colleague use these dry cells at mice is facial except knit, result discovery, of tooth week ligament filled qualitative dry cell to keep clear of through producing new collagen fiber furrow.

He thinks different dry cell origin can have distinct effect. He and colleague plan dug come from what organize at animal oneself to do cellular potential from body, in order to improve clinical result.

Qualitative dry cell is being filled between is a kind of dry cell, have the capacity that can split up more, can split up a variety of type cells such as nerve cell, blood cell, bone cell.

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