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Therapy of gene of IAS declare AIDS enters phase of human body experiment

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Congress of society of AIDS of the 4th international is in by a definite date 22 days Australian Sydney is held, many 5000 delegate of 130 many countries and area attends the meeting, submitted many 3000 paper and report. International AIDS association (IAS) hold a press conference 24 days to allege, the researcher already was resisting the gene of AIDS and respect of medicaments therapeutics research gain new headway, one kind revises cellular gene to treat a method in order to restrain the AIDS of virus to already began to enter phase of human body experiment.

Professor of American Beckman institute, California " hope city " John of head of department of hospital element biology. Luo Xi announces on congress, experiment of the first batch of human body will undertake in this hospital. They already recruit the first volunteer, blood of his course gene amendatory him input does a cell, this hospital is returned recruit 4 volunteers.

Project of this one research begins at going up century at the beginning of 90 time, this kind of therapeutics is called therapeutics of the immunity inside the cell, amend information of T cell gene namely. AIDS poison is invaded normally before breed and infect T cell, gene sample embedded T cell, let T cell can identify AIDS poison, stimulate the cellular defense mechanism of airframe, with respect to the effect that can have to prevent to suffer infection cell to continue to breed. Luo Xi says, this main goal that studies a project is complete control AIDS virus or reduce the AIDS virus inside patient system.

In addition, cha De of manage of American Illinois researcher. Bei Lei still introduced achievement of his other and relevant research on the press conference, he thinks the male carries out wrapping annulus to cut art to be able to have main effect to controlling AIDS to spread, may prevent to many AIDS is affected and control the transmission of AIDS.

Bei Lei asks each country government drives executive wrapping annulus to cut method, it can make virus of the AIDS between the opposite sex is infected rate reduce 60 % , hopeful is in Sahala will prevent inside 10 years henceforth with the infection case of illness of flush area reduces AIDS of south Africa continent 2 million. This year in March, world Health Organization and office of U.N. AIDS program ever published associated communique, affirm wrapping annulus cuts the important step that can serve as male precaution to contract AIDS by opposite sex sexual behavior.

American north blocks the AIDS of Luo Laina university to study the expert makes an appointment with husband of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument. Ellen says, a kind of integrated enzymatic depressor that he studies can prevent AIDS virus to infect healthy cell, this kind of preparation comparing is current a variety of on the market 20 curative effect that combat AIDS virus medicaments want remarkable, but imbue person the AIDS virus content inside body under " dangerous " level, and side-effect is lesser.
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