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Day finds material of natural prevent frostbite to may be used at viscera to sav

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Japanese Hokkaido university teachs cany plain Qing Dynasty the material that the research group of 3 finds a kind to prevent water to freeze below microtherm in plant pigment, should plant this only material with the scale interfuse water of 0.01% in, water also won't freeze in the environment of 0 10 Celsius. This Canada that studies achievement already kicked off on July 29 blocks Er to add biology of li of international low temperature can publish on the conference.

Grow at the arboreous organization of cold region in all, although be below microtherm environment,also won't freeze. They extract these arboreous organization composition to try to analyse then, the result discovers among them hill Nai is phenolic - 7-O- grape glucoside can prevent glacial nucleus to generate. Researcher says, this kind of material or license are used at transplanting to be saved with the low temperature of viscera to wait for a domain.

Current, transplanting is immersed to be saved in the liquid that contains physiological saline commonly with viscera. Liquid temperature is lower, cellular metabolization is slower, the time that viscera saves is longer also. But liquid temperature crosses small conference to freeze and harm a cell, what so actual condition leaves internal organs of the body is long-term save special difficulty. And need to add the hill Nai phenol of 0.01% only in water - 7-O- grape glucoside, water is warm drop to also won't be frozen to 0 10 Celsius, of viscera save time to get the likelihood be extensioned considerably.

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