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The United States rests Si Duida learns research and development to give three-d

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Person face identifies a technology to gain new headway, the United States rests Professor Kalafadisi that Si Duida learns studies facial identifying to the group develops three-dimensional URxD with his software.

This software uses facial three-dimensional snapshot to gain person face a certain unique identifier. The outline that software considered person face ministry, structure, infrared ray is become like the characteristic, also considered time factor. Researcher uses one collar for a horse to contain computer, optical scanner and network to photograph those who resemble a head to identify a system, the person facial data scanning takes a database, use special three-dimensional person face to identify algorithm to code to the certain area of person face ministry next, plant with RGB3 the three-dimensional outline trait that color shows the person is facial.

This system can identify the feature of each pieces of face not only, and wearing when this individual also can be identified to come out when glasses. So far, facial identifying the system stresses idea -- , these systems are caught, description, and the feature that matchs person face, like be like person face to appear on 2 dimension picture. But actually the feature of person face as angle, azimuth, light, age, habit differ and have very big difference.

Although already became biology feature to differentiate forward position heat of the technology three-dimensional and facial identifying, but because three-dimensional data gets person face to magnanimity of difficult, data stores and calculate difficulty,wait, three-dimensional and facial identifying break through from beginning to end not quite. Afore-mentioned systems use the three-dimensional information of person face, in international facial identifying in super challenge, show itself on the test of 4007 data group, achieve good result.

Cease Sidui studies and the deputy director general of intellectual property management board writings brush about. Wo Lun says: "More and more people care the safety of individual, country and international society. Kalafadisi and his group gave us hope. We expect it can apply as soon as possible at government and industry. We expect it can apply as soon as possible at government and industry..

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