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American development gives glaucoma new treatment

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American Ai Ao covers with tiles the city establishs an university discovery of day of group of a research, through transplanting classics special improvement marrow does a cell, can treat glaucoma effectively. Next, researcher plans to have new treatment test to the dog. Look from physiological angle, the eye of the dog and person eye have taller likeness to spend, can be human body clinical trial provides important basis.

Researcher thinks hopeful will use this one new-style treatment at human patient henceforth.

Should study the group ever discovered before this, the mind that makes inside the animal system that has glaucoma manages increase of the meeting that raise vegetable, prevent blindness in order to protect from body. Their this one ego in animal of the imitate in the lab is accordingly defensive mechanism, extract medullary dry cell from the mice oneself that suffers from glaucoma above all, undertake fostering improvement, make its can generate nerve nutriment, in the small hole of rat of cellular infuse sicken that has improved these next. Result discovery, the visual function of sicken rat had marked improvement.

The cell that the advantage of new treatment is transplanting can generate optic nerve nutriment several years continuously, and medullary dry cell can be gotten from body from the patient, avoided the reaction that discharge different.

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