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Chinese scientist discovery forces disease physiology mechanism

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The research group of Feng Guoping of professor of Du Ke college of researcher of guest of institute of science of nerve of courtyard of unripe division of Shanghai of Chinese Academy of Sciences, United States discovered above all in the world force disease physiology mechanism, publish in " natural " on the magazine.

Study the group discovers however when doing animal test, knock the small rat besides Sapap3 gene, appeared unexpectedly the action that similar mankind forces disease -- the face that small rat catchs him repeatedly (small rat is felt through catching " wash a face " ) , till furry damaged, bleed even, still cannot stop, return can fretted uneasiness at the same time.

Sapap3 is Sapap in familial protein, it is exclusive in grain state system " hold a post " one. When its vacancy, a few information are conducted can appear " lean to one side " . For instance, below normal circumstance, small rat feels the face is dirty, catch a few times can feel clean, but when doing not have Sapap3, "The face is clean " how is information also passed do not answer cerebrum, then small rat can keep repeating an act, cannot stop. Scientific research group uses the method that gene treats, in making this kind of albumen new return grain state system, small rat stopped to catch a face immediately, angst symptom also was reduced.

This research open up new research perspective, announced to force the physiology mechanism of disease not only, still offer new target feature for medicaments research and development.

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