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The expert discovers DNA the incurable disease such as cancer of antagonism of h

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DNA is the corporeal foundation of life, scientific group thinks before, it is by 5 kinds of elements -- the acerbity series of 4 kinds of nucleotide that carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphor makes. Nowadays, the 6th element that Shanghai made big researcher discover DNA -- sulfur, of sulfur " ego is decorated " changed genetic character. Through " gene medicaments " those who disturb bacteria DNA " sulfur is decorated " , the incurable disease such as hopeful antagonism cancer and AIDS.

Current, hand in already cooperated with American Masschusetts Institute of Technology greatly, the analysis gives the careful chemistry structure that DNA sulfur modifies, this achievement will be published in authoritative and scientific journal " natural, chemical biology " on.

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, hand in Deng Zixin of director of key laboratory of big microbial metabolization to say, DNA is macromolecule complex child, encode is worn the genetic phenomenon with Protean nature, but after synthetic job is finished, DNA still can undertake got-up, change the character of oneself thereby.

Through more than 10 years of research, the group that Deng academician heads discovers, make a variety of microbial DNA can undertake one kind cries " sulfur is decorated " the job, they rely on the sulfur element in gene group, change genetic character. The new field that this one discovery opened molecular biology -- the research that DNA sulfur decorates, caused the height on international to take seriously. The expert that comes from the course such as genetics, chemical, biochemistry begins itch to try, the hope finds the mystery with new DNA.

In medical domain, the DNA of a lot of pathogenic bacteria has sulfur to decorate a function, this clew researcher, if can disturb this to plant " ego is decorated " , transform these bacterias possibly, dissolve them the harm to human body. And the process that the research and development of medicaments can draw lessons from the sulfur in nature to decorate, pass " gene medicaments " , undertake to the DNA of patient of cancer, AIDS " decorate artificially " , achieve the goal that treats a disease.

" natural, chemical biology " the positive result that is about to publish, it is to hand in big, hemp to save manage to be versed in collaboration analyses the careful chemistry structure that analytic DNA sulfur modifies, the DNA structure that this makes artificial synthesis contains sulfur becomes a possibility, with using antagonism cancer and AIDS. "Of course, our research is to be in brand-new the exploration in the domain, their value still remains to carry out will examine. " Deng academician says.

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