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Operation appliance wanders in cerebral blood-vessel

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In surgery, the doctor is working in insecurity; Inside assembly room, about a hundred expert carries video living broadcast not only whole process of the can clear operation that witness, still can mix advocate knife doctor dialog, communicate. This is a reporter 14 days those who see is medium south area first operation video demonstrates cerebral blood-vessel.

That day afternoon 2 when, hubei saves disease of blood-vessel of the 3rd head to intervene diagnose hold in Wuhan downtown hospital with remedial forum. Zhang Linhong of director of internal medicine of this courtyard nerve and Professor Xu Wuping part " hold a knife " , experts of more than 100 internal medicine of nerve of province inside and outside watch spot operation living broadcast.

The reporter sees on screen, from begin to undertake anaesthesia to the patient, wander inside blood-vessel to appliance of small operation of hemal puncture, essence the job, and the condition after art of place of patient blood-vessel pathological changes, whole process be clear at a glance.

Come from nerve of hospital of Beijing announce fierce to intervene Professor Li Shenmao of the center says, previously this sophisticated technology, bright somebody masters, a lot of doctors that consider study, can understand secondhand through a few data and report only, without the organic knowledge of the spot. This the spot demonstrates, view and emulate person the operation case that can see the spot not only, still can carry video and the doctor dialogue that becoming an operation, effect of study, communication is first-rate.

Director Zhang Linhong introduces, at present people returns understanding to be not worth to be short of disease of blood-vessel of head of courage and uprightness, what have 25 % actually is apoplectic cause by carotid stricture. Once the patient appears at the moment nigrescent, swimmy, and carotid stricture exceeds 50 % , in medication below invalid circumstance, can consider to be treated through the operation.

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