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Stage big doctor considers to discover immune globulin can manage a head apoplec

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Shang Songjun of doctor of Chinese stage large hospital considered to discover a few days ago, "Immune globulin " apoplectic mice has head of sex of remedial acute embolism showing the result.

Shang Songjun the year before last year reachs the United States attend in a advanced studies of laboratory of science of nerve of research center of old age of national sanitation academy. The periodical of American country science that the paper that afore-mentioned research form published in August (on PNAS) . Shang Songjun says, this lab confirms be short of courage and uprightness (namely embolism sex) after the swift as the wind in the head is unripe, reaction of cerebral ministry agnail is to cause nerve cell to die advocate so one, if can control cerebral ministry,inflammation can control illness aggravation. It is reported, immune globulin is the egg white that has antibody active, can control response of the immunity inside body effectively, virus of SARS, serious bowel 71 model treat even if give priority to with this, but never apply at the head apoplectic cure.

This research is new discovery as a result, because acute lacks brain of courage and uprightness apoplectic, still do not have effective treatment method at present, although apoplectic 3 hours of less than, disease suffers from can dissolve at vein inject thrombus agent, but only in Taiwan the disease of 1% suffers from accord with remedial condition. Shang Songjun causes height of academy of American country sanitation to take seriously about two papers with apoplectic head, applying for human body clinical experiment reachs the dosage that use drug and opportunity.

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