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Japan: Hopeful of asthma of remedial mankind irritability has new method

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Japanese manage changes an institute 17 days to announce, group of this a research is cultivated through the change dash forward the function of shape cell, the irritability that restrained experimental rat successfully is asthmatic. This one achievement conduces to development treating the new method of human irritability asthma.

Tree dash forward a kind shape cell is leucocyte, it is being loaded detect invade the foreign body inside body, give out the function that atttacks an instruction to lymphocyte. And tree dash forward shape cell reaction is excessive, bring about allergy possibly. Some closer year come, world each country especially patient amount increases developed country allergy. Show some to fight the medicine such as depressor of allergic medicaments, immunity to be put generally in curative effect finite, have the problem such as side-effect.

Manage changes an institute to say in news bulletin, this immunity and allergy learn integrated research center to cultivate dash forward group of research of shape cell function the tree from the extraction inside experimental mouse system dash forward shape cell and immune stayer put education together character, got the gender is cultivated inhibition dash forward shape cell. The injection of experimental rat vein that after this cent has irritability asthma 3 times to suffer from restrains a gender to cultivate dash forward shape cell, inject every time about 1 million this kind of cell.

After finishing all inject, researcher makes experimental rat successive a week absorbs irritability antigen everyday -- egg clear protein, try to cause its irritability asthma. Result, the asthmatic symptom of these experimental rat got be restrained apparently.

Further analysis shows, restrain a gender to cultivate dash forward shape cell but the inhibition of revulsive experiment rat sexual T cell, cell of particularity of antigen of block up irritability -- the active of 2 cell of T h , the irritability that restrained experimental rat thereby is asthmatic, this kind of immunity restrains the effect to be able to last 150 days at least.

According to Japanese media coverage, afore-mentioned research achievement will publish the United States that publishs in the near future " allergy and clinical immunology " magazine and " blood " on the magazine.

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