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Beautiful scientist discovers super bacterium escapes immunity atttacks a reason

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November 12 " natural medicine " on periodical, american scientist uncovered super bacterium " coccus of drug-fast golden grape " (MRSA) the mystery of the complex mechanism that can evade defence of system of human body immunity. This research will conduce to an explanation why be beyond the hospital spreading MRSA more make do hard, and diffuse rise the reason with appear relatively easy, also will likely ecbolic piece new, the antibiotic of better antagonism bacterium.

MRSA is a kind of common bacterium, can cause papule, pneumonic etc. The microbiology home Otto of American national allergy and contagion institute and colleague discover, MRSA can secrete segment of protein of a kind of phenolic dissolubility (PSM) , through PSM element is being bred in the lab, and apply its at cell of bead of neutral of be addicted to of human immunity cell, result discovery, PSM is had induct, the extraordinary ability that activations to kill and wound cell of bead of neutral of human body be addicted to subsequently, eliminated the cellular defense with immune main to MESA system thereby. Cell of bead of neutral of be addicted to is human body resists the important immunity cell that the bacterium infects.

The virus trunk of a tree that researcher returns coccus of the infection inside coccus of golden to community resistance to the action of a drug grape and courtyard drug-fast golden grape undertook comparative study. Latter is a kind of whole world is fear of, the bacterium that almost all antibiotic is at a loss what to do to its, and former toxicity is even higher than latter. Former can cause serious skin infection, include " predacity " arteries and veins of necrotic sex muscle is phlogistic and may deadly blood is toxic.

Quantity of former hidden PSM wants tower above a lot of, and most latter does not make PSM, this is the reason with former higher toxicity. The experiment makes clear, the minatory degree to small rat reduces the bacterium that transforms PSM lack via gene, the purulent bump that stays on small rat skin is less also. Researcher expresses, be PSM is assisted energetically in the dark former, kill cell of erythrocyte cell and bead of neutral of immune cell be addicted to, cause human body catch a disease thereby.

Researcher says in the report that issued October, MR Juan SA is far what know than people place is more common, be in the United States only, the number of be in hospital that affected MRSA 2005 reached 94 thousand person, caused death of nearly 19 thousand person.

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