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Moxibustion cure guides implement moxibustion is special and implemental

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Moxibustion of new generation traditional Chinese medical science is implemental -- moxibustion cure guides implement enclothe countrywide cure to protect collect fees, exclusive and patent product, mix for clinical promotion entered home of common common people to offer admirable moxibustion to treat sanitarian appearance. Face the whole nation to enrol a representative, firm market is protected, need not bail. Moxibustion cure guides implement agree with clinical moxibustion cure and domestic cure and health care, had appliance need not give or have an acupuncture treatment can undertake hanging moxibustion therapeutics by oneself, leg of waist of shoulder of path of hemal to heart head, respiratory system, intestines and stomach, neck is painful wait for a disease to have effect of precautionary health care. Welcome mail-order try out! Applicable hospital needle pushs sanitation of division of physiotherapy of thaumatology, rehabilitation, senile ward, community to serve clinic of dot, individual traditional Chinese medical science, massage to massage hairdressing health care health care of thin body center, family.
Moxibustion cure guides implement it is the special appliance that offers for traditional moxibustion therapeutics, use appliance give or have an acupuncture treatment can undertake moxibustion is treated and need not promote moxibustion curative effect. Be in when moxa inside relatively sealed appliance when combustion, the quantity of heat of generation sends out not easily, action of for a long time at Shu acupuncture point, in the whole process that apply moxibustion, firepower is balanced, action bos is broken, permeate force strong, be helpful for moxibustion perversing stimulate a volume accumulate, the Ai Li of 20mm of × of 20mm of one end length, inside appliance combustion amounts to 30 minutes or so. Appliance rose to make full use of in cure the stimulation that the significant component such as the hot effect of the generation when Ai Xie burns, drug effect, sootiness undertakes to acupuncture point, market hot effect, drug effect, sootiness 3 effect syncretic, the skin after moxibustion leaves the mark that medicaments guides, lengthened remedial effect, heightened the curative effect of traditional moxibustion. Key in company or moxibustion cure to guide implement the name is searched in Baidu please. Welcome mail-order try out!

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