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Cost of leakage of equipment of sincere action medical treatment controls agent

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Zhengzhou city to limited company of electronic science and technology it is a major be engaged in " cost of leakage of medical treatment equipment controls a system " the high-tech enterprise that an organic whole is after research and development, production, sale and carry out. This control system can control B to exceed, colour exceeds, light of magnetism of CT, nucleus, X, examine the machine such as equipment, offerred perfect solution for the hospital, final implementation " the patient does not pay fee, medical treatment equipment does not work " target, create good economic benefits and social benefit for the hospital, form good working atmosphere internally, establish good social figure external.

Agential requirement:
1, the hospital terminal that has maturity sells a network, requirement agent masters the development of respective hospital inside region market.
2, have particular economic actual strength, have operation fund, execute the acting sale of area bail and imprest pick up the goods.
3, have good commercial reputation, cost of leakage of medical treatment instrument manages systematic product to be able to enter the capacity that the hospital sells quickly.

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