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The most accurate blame on the world is spherical and artificial crystal

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The blame with the most accurate          of Softec HD artificial crystal is spherical and artificial crystal
Main advantage:
1, of  0.25D small increase by degrees rate
Increase by degrees with 0.25D   from 18.00D, 25.00D
Increase by degrees with 0.5D     from 10.0D, 18.0D      25D, 30D
Increase by degrees with 1D        from 5D, 10D         30D- - 36D            
Of Softec HD commonly used degree give amplitude to spend a 0.25D, can choose so its forecast a result to be close to the crystal degree that bends smooth condition at ideal, this should be one of operation strategy with the greatest sense that assures the accuracy that bend light.  
2, the production tolerance with strict  
    Softec HD crystal, it is exclusive opposite the accuracy that produce is wide and accuse be not spherical crystal, exact extent is in 0.125 less than of ± . This kind be being made accurately is the doctor can provide much better vision result for the patient from beginning to end, reduced Qu Guang frame-up, the improvement of certain case of illness degree was achieved 300% . And other production business does not wish to announce respective accuracy however information. The standard of ISO makes a standard under ours far
3,   wins patent wait for awl double - blame is spherical
Have the optical side of orthogonal Fang Bian, apply those who win patent to wait for awl to be not spherical design, crystal before reciprocity of the surface after the surface is mixed is apart, create from this piece clearer clearer visual result.
4, system of   small injection, 1.6mm embedded caliber
Form a complete set imports 1.6mm embedded system, can satisfy small operation cut
5, the optical face diameter with proper  
Its optical division diameter compares Softec HD  ester crystal wants other acrylic acid small. If hind bursa appears in operation process small tear off, the circumstance that enlarging breach likely still falls to put crystal into bursa bag.  
For the doctor of spherical to just beginning use blame artificial crystal, softec HD is very safe choice, because it is mixed to  tilt   decentration unlike other blame spherical crystal is euqally sensitive.  

6,   " 0 " the ball is poor
Softec HD, because it is not spherical crystal to sum a difference that lose a ball in that way unlike some, with countervail person average cornea the ball is poor. Because sum the difference losing a ball on,be it is with average fiducial, because this can not rise,always resemble wrong action to accurate and correctional individual. And 0 balls are poor more agree with most patient.

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