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Suzhou Kang Xijing changes a company to donate air to seismic disaster area clea

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Report from our correspondent (Qiu Desheng of reporter Liang Qinghua) on May 19, the equipment of a batch of disinfection of love of faculty of limited company of purifying device of medical treatment of Kang Xi of full of Suzhou, formal motion is gone to disaster area of continous in relief earthquake.
Limited company of purifying device of medical treatment of Suzhou Kang Xi is the business that a major produces antiseptic disinfection equipment, the product basically is used at the industry such as food, medical treatment, pharmacy, cosmetic. Sichuan short of Wenshui River plain after earth shake happens, the people of the whole country in succession come down contributes content, overshoot in order to help disaster area people difficulty. Wei of brave of general manager king of company of Kangxi purifying device is in Suzhou be informed shake after Ou Mianyang city is badly in need of air clean room, donate matters concerned with the Red Cross of Jiangsu and beneficent orgnaization connection instantly, concentration of personnel of rapid organization and shipping goods, on May 19 midday, carry donative product to seismic disaster area.
It is reported, clean room covers this batch of air that company of Kangxi purifying device donates Suzhou 50 times in all, it is the equipment of a kind of movable type, its function includes: Infection of across of bacterium of pollution of air of antiseptic disinfection, precaution, clean air, control, cut off virus travels, because the environment is polluted,avoid and cause toxic incident. This clean room can be used at hospital, blood orgnaization of station, wholesome epidemic prevention, public; Also can use at the domain such as treatment of dining room, food. This equipment is used in disaster area investment hind, will increasing the respect such as bromatoxism of the quality of sanitation of medical treatment environment of disaster area, precaution, produce positive effect.

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