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Schoolboy of busy face-lifting of Wuhan undergraduate summer vacation is occupie

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City of summer vacation Wuhan business of orgnaization of each big plastics hairdressing is prosperous, undergraduate and accurate undergraduate become face-lifting market " main force " . The reporter discovers when visit, the scale quickness of male undergraduate face-lifting grows, occupy about 3 into.

According to Wuhan city division of plastics of the 3rd hospital advocate treat doctor Yuan Wei to introduce, the 80 % that summer vacation time becomes hairdressing operation is an undergraduate, schoolboy is occupied 3 into. The woman student is average in order to cut double-fold eyelid, suck fat to reduce weight, grand bazoo and mat chin are given priority to. Schoolboy in order to cut double-fold eyelid, go pouch and deformation are whole answer be in the majority.

"To us here seeks advice from the schoolboy that sign up many, before two days I was done for 2 male undergraduates cut double-fold eyelid operation. " Li Chun of dean of business of hospital of hairdressing of plastics of the writing in Wuhan introduces to the reporter completely. Only July, this hospital was nearly 100 undergraduates and accurate undergraduate to apply face-lifting operation, on average everyday a male undergraduate accepts an operation.

In orgnaization of another plastics hairdressing, the reporter sees 6 clients that refer in the hall are a student completely, having 3 among them is a schoolboy. According to this orgnaization advisory place Wu Dan introduces, come the student of face-lifting mostly by parent for company, the male undergraduate of a few artistic schools is have a piece " star face " and face-lifting.

The reporter discovers in investigation, learn inborn face-lifting main pursuit is more beautiful, be enlightened crosses plastic to apply for a job for oneself, look for friend of male and female " add cent " . Concerned expert reminds say, face-lifting belongs to medical treatment category, want to undertake to normal hospital.

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