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Chengdu summer plastics " hot " breast enhancement sucks fat to depilate sing le

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Summer the dress is feeble, the advantage of the figure and defect general view does not have involuntary discharge of urine. Thin light summer clothing made numerous female love the United States discover a figure to go up very much flexibly place, to reach ideal level as soon as possible, they appeal in succession at plastic hairdressing operation. Recently, the reporter visits Chengdu discovery of each big plastics orgnaization, the summer became the peak period that plastic hairdressing consumes. And breast enhancement, suck fat, depilate etc make the hairdressing item with top hit.

When season beauty parlour

Breast enhancement " in full swing "

Desolate lady wants to go to beauty parlour making breast enhancement of a physics these days, but she contacted several inn to say so that shift to an earlier date to make an appointment one after another, the visitor that because come recently,breast enhancement becomes in inn is particularly much.

At the same time the reporter also discovers in investigation, "Breast enhancement " the item of beautiful body of a hairdressing that became sex of convention of each big beauty parlour, have a lot of beauty parlour flat and " breast enhancement " all sorts of relevant advertisement publicize a data to be put in inn the markeddest position, some is put before vitreous entrance door even, the consumer that passes from beauty parlour sees the introduction very can clearly.

"Now is the peak season of breast enhancement, here should welcome 56 visitors on average everyday, and should make an appointment ahead of schedule commonly. " the girl of some beauty parlour expresses, because effect of summertime breast enhancement can compare clear put oneself in another's position to come out now, so breast enhancement market also is as day heat heat.

The controller of another beauty parlour discloses to the reporter, now in inn advocate push breast enhancement, accordingly all sorts of favourable sales promotion also are ceaseless, rolling out now do a period of treatment to send oil of essence of a breast enhancement series product, the client that consumption comes to before is particularly much, the gift in inn ever still stopped money for a time.

Depilate to beauty parlour

Summertime hairdressing is bestowed favor on newly

The summer is the female exhibits her the season that beautiful Li Feng collects, they hope dress condole takes unlined upper garment, show the skin with a bright and clean a suit. But if arm, axillary or it is crus fine hair on the human body is on the lip even fascicular, make a female naturally pained and awkward. To shuck off aggravating body hair, female friends tried all sorts of methods, if cere, knife is blown, depilate frost to wait a moment, but always take off more more.

Some plastics hospital seeks advice from division Miss Liu to tell a reporter, the gender sends when part of disease of excrescent or much wool belongs to hair, also likelihood and use some kind of remedy (for example male hormone) reach much wool syndrome to concern, great influence is beautiful. She still says, going to beauty parlour to depilate already was feminine summer hairdressing is new bestow favor on. The depilation that everybody chooses place has each different, more general position has labrum ministry, alar, limb. Among them, the requirement is alar depilation female is most. The reason is very simple, everybody does not want to be cast in raise one's hand sufficient an awkwardness that because a small hair that ought not to grow gives him,brings moment. And thick armpit hair is met of block up sweat evaporate, make in summer the person feels unwell. In addition, damp alar the breeding ground that also is bacterial breed, the peculiar smell that arises from this.

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