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"It is difficult to see a doctor " go gradually gradually far Sichuan executive

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"Love doorbell " in bringing community

Area resident Zhao Lan tells Chengdu Xinhua News Agency the reporter, past body is unwell, reach large hospital, great distance does not say, expenditure also does not poor. Came accidentally last year community discovers after wholesome service center, cure protects personnel manner kind, make a diagnosis and give treatment is common disease is very effective also, medical treatment fare is low.

Community sanitation service center stands south Chengdu train, be called in countrywide initiate " love doorbell " system of long-range information network.

Community action inconvenience or sickish old person, need to press button only in the home, can protect personnel couplet strung to get seasonable cure with cure.

"A serious illness is in into community, rehabilitation to hospital, ailment community " , the important complement that is service of urban medical treatment and solve townsman to see a doctor the important way with see a doctor expensive, hard. Up to by this year June, my province already built the community sanitation with relatively perfect function to serve an orgnaization 146, community sanitation orgnaization offers a service to enclothe townsman 4.39 million person, establish record of health of individual of dweller key crowd 1.306 million, this world of Chengdu, continous, wait for a city from tribute second all outpatient service charge is compared the corresponding period dropped last year 8, 13% . Current, I save community sanitation to serve to go in countrywide front row at present.

Hua Tuo not as good as " new farming close "

Fierce of continous bamboo city presses down 9 mountain village week of 8 groups of villagers stands clear, the first time before the Spring Festival takes medical treatment cost to submit an expense account this year compensation. She says, "Consider China Tuo highly skilled doctor alive, the farmer does not have money to also dare not fall ill.

Begin from last year, bamboo city becomes continous to save medical treatment of new-style country collaboration to carry out a county completely. Zhou Liqing and a lot of villagers that just took off deficient are same, pay 10 yuan of cash of one's own accord, join " new farming close " . After thinking of a few months, she due to illness occupy local hospital, in gallbladder and operation of excision of gastric greater part rehabilitation leaves hospital when, the 48.6 % of charge of full medical treatment get submitting an expense account compensating.

Medical treatment of new-style country collaboration, this is known as " the government gets common feelings of people, farmer to get substantial, sanitation to must develop " system design, began to visit 5 counties town in me 2003 pilot, year after year enlarges pilot executive area, covered 73 counties last year (city) area.

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