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The new student on Shanghai will wear electronic label

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A few days ago, anew China the hospital learns, this courtyard nods foretaste of rate is in Shanghai mom and darling to wear conjugate electron label, in case recurrent mistake.

Appearance of new student darling grows very to resemble, in case how was made a mistake to do? Many young mother are after hospital production, the meeting in unavoidable heart has concern, and the medical treatment issue that calendar year cause produces at the indicative not clear darling that hold a fault in the arms often also happens. Before, the method of divisional and different baby basically is handwritten label, operate easy generation error by hand on one hand, on the other hand, put an end to baleful factitious exchange very hard. And will be in this new China the hospital is pilot this kind special " wrist is expressed " , solved this problem basically.

"The radio frequency that label of this kind of electron is contact of a kind of blame actually identifies a technology automatically " , meng Lili of director of center of courtyard square information says, it can identify a target automatically through radio frequency signal and get relevant data. Wear severally when mom and darling " wrist is expressed " hind, they had their identification code respectively, cure protects personnel to want to hold reader only, need not contact Mu Ying to be read take " wrist is expressed " the electronic data in chip, once this is made a mistake to Mu Ying, so reader can identify immediately come out and issue caution news. Additional, if be in,the darling before dealing with formalities leaving a courtyard is held in the arms to give ill division by stranger, "Wrist is expressed " still can call the police automatically.

It is reported, wear " wrist is expressed " hind, mom and darling will obtain a complete healthy record respectively, the medical treatment behavior that all cure protect personnel to be made to its place will by " wrist is expressed " the record comes down, mix even doctor's advice protect enjoin to also have at any time record. Current, this one technology still is trying level, door of town Ministry of Public Health plans to be in mature and backward whole town promotion.

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