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French experiment proves vaccine of AIDS of the inject inside the skin provides

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Institute of French country AIDS announces 22 days, newest a when finish long-term trial confirms, test of this complex AIDS is vaccinal not only have taller immune effect, and can replace intramuscular injection through the inject inside the skin. The United States that this achievement published that day to publish " scientific public library " on the magazine.

Expert of institute of French country AIDS overcomes Lisidina Simon to express when accepting reporter of Xinhua News Agency to interview, this experiment test and verify undertake the feasibility with AIDS vaccinal vaccine through way of the inject inside the skin, this will reduce the vaccinal cost of AIDS vaccine greatly, will conduce to have an inoculation gains ground in the developing country.

Her explanation says, compare with intramuscular injection photograph, the dosage that need injects inside the skin wants small much. However up to now, outside dividing BCG vaccine have an inoculation, most vaccinal have an inoculation is to use intramuscular injection means. Be known according to her, the lab of a few countries is undertaking virus sex appeal risks the inject inside vaccinal skin to consider at present, so that answer large-scale flu, but the field researchs in the inject inside AIDS vaccine skin, french experiment still belongs to initiate.

She says, the bases of vaccine of test of this complex AIDS is the mixture of peptide of a few kinds of fat. Newest finished test begins from 2004, the researcher divides 68 healthy volunteers two groups, one group accepts traditional intramuscular injection, another group accepts the inject inside the skin, but 1/5 dosage is intramuscular injection group only. The result shows: V/LIT all over the ground a kind of bag nest of the Kingdom of Wei of raw meat or fish of brandish of Wu of eulogy of Guo Duo divide evenly shows an ancient nationality in China mu ⑸ of Mi of つ of  of boundless and indistinct of pacify fraud Yong wets raft string breaking Guo the volunteer that krypton of S of Suan of  of encouraging temple of another name for Guangdong Province of which fade benzyl sends  to keep set of the inject inside?2% skin, and group volunteer obtained 37% intramuscular injection to fight reaction of AIDS virus immunity.

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