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Gansu Province plans to build " countrywide heavy ion manages cancerous center "

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The research gain benefit that city of Gansu Province Lanzhou wants to will weigh cancer of ionic and radiative cure at civilian, plan to build in Lanzhou " countrywide heavy ion manages cancerous center " , the light that great and scientific project turns the country that leaves this in Lanzhou more than 30 years into progress of Lanzhou economy society beautiful calling card. At present bureau of city science and technology invites concerned expert to have further proof with respect to this project.

As we have learned, using heavy ionic beam of light to treat cancer is advanced technique of a world, current, only Germany, Japan, United States mastered this skill. Of bureau of science and technology of city of Lanzhou of place of close content of branch department of Lanzhou of Chinese Academy of Sciences support energetically below, already at this point project technology undertakes developing study more than two years, combine with total courtyard of army of hospital of tumour of the Gansu Province, Lanzhou develop clinical treatment, patient of cancer of before 3 batches of cure 27, the effect is very apparent, remedial patient can amount to 50 this year. The case that develops treatment at present still lies shallow-layer tumour phase, next year cure of will deep-seated first half of the year tumour is used at animal experiment, be expected to apply at in second half of the year clinical.

At the beginning of September, bureau of city science and technology invites the concerned leader such as government of district of concerned expert, the area just outside a city gate to weighed the ionic project that treat cancer to hold meeting of special subject job with respect to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The conference reported a project to study positive result, anticipate benefit and declare, negotiate wait for a circumstance, analysed the difficulty that exists in the respect such as be born, financing and problem.

Carry hold a conference or consultation, reached consistent consensus, with respect to this the project should strive for support of more policy of relevant form a complete set. After the conference, zhou Jinbiao of director of bureau of science and technology of director of office of medicine of city living things, city and branch department of Lanzhou of Chinese Academy of Sciences are recent Zhan Wenlong of physical institute director with respect to project of national great science and technology -- countrywide heavy ion treated cancerous center construction to undertake exchange views and inspecting survey on the spot. This project needs to declare national hair to change appoint examine and approve, the Gansu Province can be driven greatly after project building put into production the development of relevant industry, a new window that makes local economy growth.

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