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Community hospital large hospital two-way turn examine Beijing cure changes stan

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The community sanitation of Beijing is experiencing decay: ┘ Mai pilfer makes fun of be ignorant of of   Yao to make fun of  to wring?002 of  of drunk Bi excuse me year to 2007, although have 5 years of short time only, it is difficult that community sanitation reforms those who make perplex Peking Man all the time to see a doctor, see a doctor expensive issue gets alleviating. Newest progress is, be in several days ago, the nurse of whole family key member of the community sanitation orgnaization that comes from county of 16 districts of whole town began by a definite date the study of be released from production to take on other duty of 6 months. Whether can community medical treatment solve a lot of difficult problem that puzzles us before? Our investigation, in the Xi Chengde that begins trial of community medical treatment the earliest resort region develops.

Investigate / case

Example: Xi Chengde gets the better of community

Case one

Community doctor eats " emperor grain " do not eat " mess "

This year Gu Junjun of 37 years old is a when heart of the city zone gets the better of the community austral ave of community sanitation service center to stand on the west common nurse, since try out income and expenses after two lines, this is having 17 years to nurse the old nurse of experience arrives everyday the unit is particularly early. "Pork rises in price, the egg rises in price I am not afraid of, add bonus every months to be able to take 3000 yuan or so now, took more than before 1000 much. " Gu Junjun says.

Try out income and expenses before two lines, because have record of formal schooling of three-year institution of higher learning only, gu Junjun a month comes down to calculate endowment of go to work and premium, only 2000 yuan are controlled.

She gives or take an injection to how many patient previously, nursed how many patient, direct with bonus link up with, but community is wholesome now the service center is bonus of the reappearance after the quality standard that completes the work according to her undertakes be evaluatinged integratedly. "Without other think of a way, wanting to serve for the patient better only. " Gu Junjun frankly speaking.

As her the Gao Fengjuan of still has station of the community austral the ave whole family doctor of idea, her what undergraduate course graduated to work to community sanitation station 2001, bonus of every monthly wages also from before 2400 yuan or so raised 3500 yuan or so.

This year April, the city zone is in on the west service center of sanitation of De Sheng community starts income and expenses of two lines pilot, center and income of etc of income of all medical treatment income that leave 6 stations of administer, medicines and chemical reagents, sum hands in area finance only door. Door of Ministry of finance is right center (station) all defray undertake planning as a whole administrative.

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