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Chongqing hospital but " for you claim for compensation "

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Recently, chongqing city is carried out " inductrial injury for you claim for compensation " system, it is the medical expenses of inductrial injury patient, by the hospital " for you claim for compensation " , the disbursement that inductrial injury worker is medical expenses no longer be anxious.

Zhao Dajie is Chongqing city pressworks the worker of the factory. Before before long, the left hand in job of Zhao eldest sister coils carelessly in printing machine, arm neat shoulder gets hurt badly below.

Zhao Dajie: We go very hastily really at that time, did not take money to be on the body really, after entering a hospital to pass, we say a doctor we do not have money.

Besides the condition of an injury, zhao Dajie most of anxious is the medical expenses with not small amount, nevertheless square explanation lets the courtyard she relaxed heart.

Dean of hospital of Chongqing Great Wall: After coming to a hospital pass, we are given priority to with treating a disease namely, we have an agreement with inductrial injury center, give out to be able to be at ease completely as to this one cost, after waiting for her to recover completely to moment, we go to inductrial injury center again settle accounts.

What Zhao Dajie enjoys is current carrying out in Chongqing city " for you claim for compensation " inductrial injury medical treatment is safe. Press a regulation, enjoy " for you claim for compensation " the ginseng of the service protects a worker, the Id on the belt, ginseng needs to protect recommendation and 500 yuan of deposit only when be admitted to hospital, can be admitted to hospital accept treatment, other examination fee, medical expenses, operation is expended, sectional close an account will be kept by hospital and local cure after medical treatment behavior is terminative.

Hospital " for you claim for compensation " of the system carry out the economic burden that reduced inductrial injury patient not only, formalities is admitted to hospital in the meantime simplified to also win time for rescue patient. At present this system has been carried out in Chongqing part hospital.

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