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Heilongjiang discovers world of human new gene defends an organization to name f

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Center of Heilongjiang province blood discovers antigen of two mankinds leucocyte first (HLA) is new wait for a gene, be named committee formal by HLA of World Health Organization recently for " DRB1*1216 " and " B*5621 " . Gene alignment be about to print hair is in " constituent antigen " , " human immunology " and " magazine of European immunity genetics " wait for world-famous professional magazine to go up.

According to introducing, 2003, the organization that institute of medicine of blood transfusion of center of Heilongjiang province blood is appointed to be Chinese hematopoiesis to do cellular subscriber data-base matchs model (HLA) cent lab. In 4 years of time, director Liu Jie of institute of medicine of this blood transfusion guided brainpower to detect in all specimen of the person that many 30000 random is offerred.

In the process that has detecting in specimen of the person that a large number of right offerring, they discover two specimens are discrepant constant, be in namely some respect extraordinary, with current and foregone gene alignment cannot corresponding. Pass further proof, researcher includes sealed gene series in these two example certainly, had these two abnormal gene then clone. Through further research, prove they are new finally wait for a gene.

Investigator the DNA them is alkaline base alignment provided international gene library, in order to obtain specific enrollment number. Current, institute of medicine of this blood transfusion is doing thorough genetics to consider, have genealogical investigation, in order to prove whether these two gene accord with genetic pattern.

HLA system is one of the mankind's most complex genetics systems. A gene such as HLA the gene that is antigen of consistence of organization of encode mankind leucocyte, it and marrow and relationship of constituent organ transplanting are close. When executing organ and medullary transplanting, need supplies system, accept put oneself in another's position a gene such as 6 the most important HLA is complete be identical. The ceaseless discovery of new gene, can make organ and hematopoiesis do a cell to transplant to undertake well and truly matching model, also increased the mankind to seek the possibility that matchs gene. Our country is offerred without kin now, transplanting accepting put oneself in another's position increases, discover the gene with same HLA, can raise hematopoiesis to do cellular transplanting to match model successful rate and accuracy.

Discover antigen of the first HLA from 1958 up to now, the whole world already detected a gene such as a relevant HLA 2100. Heilongjiang saves this second discovery, added two fresh blood again for database of world HLA system.

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