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Liver of maturity of operation of transplanting of our country relative put ones

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Late on October 31, hospital of the first center is in Tianjin city the in relief dean, Director Deng Yonglin doctor in this courtyard Shenyang is participated in jointly below, complete operation of transplanting of liver of a relative put oneself in another's position successfully, dedicator donates out body the liver of 70% , offer in the operation, the person that suffer all did not use give sb a shot in the arm. This operation is our country public report first notting have operation of transplanting of liver of blood transfusion live body, it is mature that its success indicates transplanting kissing body already moved toward an our country level.

Because process of liver transplanting operation is medium scar is big, the blood-vessel that need rebuilds is much, itself of together with liver contains blood the amount is large, liver ill patient has cruor function unusual, bleed more easily than the ordinary person, because this liver transplants,often bleed in art breathtaking. So, be what makes is human body enduring the outside blood that doesn't a bit need however when chamber defeats abdomen and having big movement to liver to help? For this, reporter phone interviewed Tianjin city group of transplanting of liver of center of transplanting of hospital of the first center Director Zhu Zhijun.

The dissection of hepatic itself section and but the foundation that second birth sex is transplanting of liver of relative put oneself in another's position

The other organ of liver and human body is different, it is OK easy advocate. If transfer liver to another each body from each body, it can continue to produce effect not only, OK still second birth, become complete liver by the part, resemble a branch of the tree, if cuttage arrives on new main body,still can be brought up. But liver and branch not just the same, there is daedal blood-vessel inside liver, having exact structure, having different area, divide those who differ paragraph, the transplanting operation of these characteristic requirement liver should be accomplished especially mix subtly careful.

"However also because liver is section organ, every paragraphs form his relatively independent system, the function that has respective independence and can second birth, people just can undertake excise and transplanting to its. " explanation of Director Zhu Zhijun says. "Liver is to control two shares by cent of the vein in liver, this or so two parts part to be divided to be liver by right vein of liver left vein and liver again left outside leaf, liver is left inside the leaf after the leaf, leaf before liver is right, liver is right, hepatic cut can choose hemal and least area to undertake around vein. Haemal flow is the source that liver retains vigor, if can have to be being cracked between the liver leaf of cut accurate and strict hold, hepatic blood pours out of a quantity to be able to decrease greatly, return the loss of the liver that can decrease rare vigor at the same time. Return the loss of the liver that can decrease rare vigor at the same time..

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