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Beijing is public transportation will endure in season truckload advertisement d

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Henceforth, beijing bus by spray truckload advertising phenomenon will disappear. 18 days, city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference holds outdoors advertisement to install administrative proposal proposal to deal with circumstance bulletin to meet, city traffic appoint concerned controller expresses on the meeting, the bus will not allow spray henceforth truckload advertisement. And be before November 20, advertisement of Beijing's existing old-style automobile body will keep clear of entirely, automobile body inside and outside also will prohibit advertisement of medical treatment of spray, setting.

In addition, municipal canal appoint concerned controller discloses, before bottom of this month in and month out, the column that read a newspaper, wait to the outdoors advertisement that installs on the public facilities such as booth also will be removed entirely or be demolished. This controller expresses, install these " urban furniture " it is the government is in public a kind of measure that provides a service, increase income through adherent on establishment outdoors advertisement, solve the problem that sets funds inadequacy. But in recent years, "Urban furniture " the carrier that became commercial advertisement to be installed without foreword, affected urban environment, the service function of establishment itself is weaker and weaker also change.

It is reported, current, beijing has demolished outdoors advertisement 16907 are mixed billboard plaque 15878, still demolished violate compasses wait booth 62, the column that read a newspaper 308 and two side prop up airport road 77 times day column billboard.

Municipal canal appoint chief still introduces, will build management information system of outdoors advertisement program henceforth, seasonable to program of outdoors advertisement setting fair show, adopt means of invite public bidding, on sale to enrol business.

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