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Manufacturer supplies hematic lead and microelement analyzer, show wave polarogr

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Shandong telecommunications 7 factories are finite liability company

My company devotes oneself to microelement to analyse the development of instrument and medical treatment instrument and production more than 30 years. MP-2 dissolve gives analyzer to ever obtained Geneva of BCEIA gold prize, international silver-colored award, obtain a country to invent name of new product of patent and national level. The company shares prize of the national calibrating regulations that made potential dissolve give analyzer and GB, ministry the drafting experiment of occupation standard works. Successive sales volume of 20 years of whole nations the first, branch of domestic numerous authority recommends the renown actor product of equipment.
Main product:
MP-2 (A, B, C, D, E) dissolve gives analyzer (microelement analyzer) .
JP4000 show wave polarogram appearance, soil to measure workstation of experiment of electrochemistry of molybdenum detector,  FX2002.
Detect accurately: In complete blood (need not digest) a variety of microelement in the fluid of element and the hair such as lead, zinc, iron, calcic, magnesian, copper, phosphor, Selenium, cadmium, make water, sewage, food, beverage, mineral, herbal, soil, cosmetic, material that pack. Use extensively at hospital, wholesome epidemic prevention (disease controls a center) , the branch such as courtyard of health care of women and children, college.
Soil measures liquid crystal of molybdenum detector tall clarity to display screen, the computer undertakes data processing, touch-tone input, indication weaveform, the instrument deserves to have USB interface, but with PC communication, the operation is simple, carry convenient, detect quick and accurate, this instrument uses national standard method to detect effective molybdenum reachs other microelement in soil, the professional instrument that applies to the branch such as earthy fertilizer station extensively to undertake measuring earthy recipe scientificly fertilizing.

The GB that the chemical test that the dissolve that with me the company produces gives analyzer place to do forms reachs method of standard of Ministry of Public Health:
The differential potential dissolve of the lead in blood goes out determine method (WS/T21, 1996)
The differential potential dissolve of the lead in make water goes out determine method (WS/T19, 1996)
The differential potential dissolve of the cadmium in make water goes out determine method (WS/T33, 1996)
Artificial synthesis feeds those who use pigment to determine in food (national level: GB/T5009 - 2003)
Of the formaldehyde in the food material that pack determine (GB/T5009, 178-2003)
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Contact: Yan Xinggang                  
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