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Field of waste disposal of halfback city medical treatment drafts next month sta

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The reporter learns 28 days, halfback city will build field of medical treatment waste disposal, this project that invests 7.74 million yuan plans at next month start working, bottom building investment moved in September. After the project is finishing, day handles medical treatment rubbish to amount to 3 tons.

Field of waste disposal of halfback city medical treatment project project is ministry of national environmental protection " 915 " during the key pollutes project of prevention and cure. Project project approving is earlier, because halfback city establishs time evening, did not include a country " 915 " plan, in municipality and branch of halfback city environmental protection strive for actively below, the state breaks rules its complement brings into this plan and arrangement is carried out. This project always invests 7.74 million yuan, its China home plans accessorial fund 5.79 million yuan.

Relevant staff member expresses, after the project is finishing, can make halfback the city zone, medium the medical treatment rubbish that all medical establishment produce peaceful county, sea former county and trash of pathology sex medical treatment get handling entirely, change halfback city not to have the history of establishment of medical treatment waste disposal thereby. This purpose carries out pair of whole town residents to control disease transmission, safeguard it is healthy, important to improve the respect such as environmental quality to all be had meaning.

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