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The friend of dear brethren, respect:
On May 12 afternoon 2:28, sichuan produces 7.8 level especially big earthquake, its are ruinous be equivalent to explosion of 100 atom bomb. Save 17 city state completely stricken be hit by a natural adversity. Of epicentral periphery the city county building such as Jiang Yan, north plain becomes a collapse. 17 city state has died at present 9000 more than person, weight is hurt hard computation, collapse building many 32000. Plain county goes to epicentral short of Wenshui River 13 days midday, still communication, traffic is interrupted, casualties loss does not have law statistic. Current, the Chengdu City the hospital of county of 19 urban districts explodes entirely full, a lot of the wounded can be in only built tent go to a doctor. A lot of masses live without the building, add recently rainfall, the life of disaster area masses is very difficult. Be badly in need of agent of things of medicines and chemical reagents, serous, one-time medical treatment, clean water, tent, convenient food, mineral water at present.
Sichuan saves the Red Cross to whole society urgent raise donations appeals: Extend your both hands, give your love, donate the money of be apt to that gives you, the masses that helps seismic disaster area overshoots difficulty, rebuild home!
Sichuan saves Red Cross address: The Chengdu City becomes two-way of China area jade 3 8
Sichuan saves Red Cross raise donations providing disaster relief special account
Account name: Sichuan saves the Red Cross
Open an account row: Chengdu of industrial and commercial bank bank business room of river subbranch of a bank
Zhang date: 4402204009024905774
Provide disaster relief donate a hot line: 028, 85420103 faxes: 028, 85420927
Network address:

On May 13, 2008

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