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Changzhou quality of commitment of company of 193 medical apparatus and instrume

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It is reported, book content includes company commitment, total production, management behavior follows the principle of lawful, sincere letter, abide by legal laws and regulations of the country self-consciously, all consequence of to lawbreaking code generation are responsible; It is normal to build sound quality to manage a system to ensure move, decrease and put an end to hidden trouble of quality of medical apparatus and instruments, the legal responsibility of the safe incident that because product quality problem is caused,assumes and economic responsibility; Responsible to oneself market admittance and the lawful sex that pass attestation, attend credit system actively to build the job, superintend a branch to the newspaper sends of all kinds material and assure its authenticity, effectiveness to food medicines and chemical reagents by the requirement, if have false, be willing to assume corresponding legal responsibility; The product asks to undertake examining by the standard, reach this industry to needing to send this enterprise of check the product examine behavior, detect the authenticity of the result is responsible; Have quality problem or existence other to what be discovered the product of medical apparatus and instruments of great and safe hidden trouble accomplishs active, seasonable, comprehensive recall; The authenticity of advertising of product of medical apparatus and instruments that releases to oneself and lawful sex are responsible; Be accepted actively and cooperate food medicines and chemical reagents actively to superintend supervisory examination of the branch, zhang of the concerned contract to needing to offer in the examination, bill, stage and the authenticity of other concerned data are responsible, the problem that exists to oneself undertakes be rectifyinged and reform effectively; Purchasing, the production such as the sale is opposite in management activity the lawful sex of the other company that has relevant business dealings assumes checkup obligation, violate the fault of compasses to be in charge of to bringing about oneself because of examining not do one's best to break the law.

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