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China investment in medical equipment proper use of huge hope the doctor can

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We know that many countries are now faced with the challenge of health care system, not just in China, I think the Chinese used a different approach in health care reform. How many other countries are committed to a reasonable medical costs can be reduced to continue, and China hand, a greater ongoing investment. Health care reform can also use another term, called the medical input. I think we are facing a use of reasonable cost, better quality, greater coverage can improve such a topic. General Electric is engaged in a revolution, but also through the revolution, the above can reduce health care costs, improve quality and expand coverage. We are foreign, but there are four thousand employees of our company are from mainland China, so we are a Chinese enterprise, based on our experience, I would like to make three suggestions. One aspect of early diagnosis and prevention of disease. I think of us here have in common diseases, these technologies can achieve prevention and early diagnosis, first of all, we can do early diagnosis of early treatment can improve the quality of life, the immediate effect is that medical costs, if we do to early diagnosis, early treatment, we will significantly reduce costs. Another aspect is that we are committed to the thousands of people to the health insurance the following years, then our challenge is the training of doctors, we also hope to join with you to make some contribution in this regard. We all know that the Chinese government's investment in equipment is huge, so our next step is the equipment in place, then after, how can we ensure that these devices can be properly used, can be properly maintained, can play most of these devices performance. This is what I put forward three proposals tactics.
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