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Insurance companies to seize the high end of the medical insurance market Thou

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Recently, after China Life, Ping An, Jinsheng and the United States and Asia, several life insurance companies have launched high-end medical insurance products, foreign financial joined the Liberty Mutual insurance companies to high-end competition in the medical insurance market, and launched a The total amount of money up to a million dollars guarantee high-end medical insurance products - a global group medical insurance. High-end medical insurance, also known as the global medical insurance, health insurance executives, is for foreigners working in China and their families, corporate executives, business travel, to design, with a high amount of insurance to protect a wide range of , Claims for medical treatment and to achieve a high proportion of direct advance, additional services, comprehensive medical expense insurance. Compared with ordinary commercial supplementary medical insurance and critical illness insurance, the insurance has comprehensive security, compensation rate, they claim Lee, courteous service and other advantages. For the new health insurance products in the rise and development of our country, I think the following points. First, as strong economic growth and the continuous relaxation of foreign policy, foreign investment in China have, according to statistics, more than five hundred more than 200 companies set up branches in China, and the company's executive staff Directly transferred from the headquarters of the general public, so foreigners working in China, the number of employees and their families each year to increase its social security system has not covered, the pursuit of high-round protection, preferred environment, a good foreign medical services Service institutions for treatment, the scope of protection required characteristics across countries and regions. Second, the economic development also makes including corporate executives, private sector managers, performing arts stars, elite high-income groups in China, including expanding. As a result of the crowd intensity, time constraints And often travel around the world, so, for their own health status and medical care in high demand. Traditional public hospital for treatment for the registration of all difficulties, long waiting times, poor treatment and other environmental problems which are difficult privacy volume Tolerance, more inclined to the environment, good health care institutions for treatment of foreign investment. In addition, this part of the crowd for the insurance coverage, compensation ratio and additional services also have higher requirements. Both the pursuit of high-end part of the population have the characteristics of pure health insurance, the insurance company before a major illness or contains only bonus insurance, universal insurance in the form of health insurance products are difficult to meet their needs, available in the market Differences in products and customer needs, making the new high-end medical insurance products flourished. Medical insurance with the current development of high-end kind of policy environment The rise of high-end medical insurance, the first open door policy from the Chinese insurance market. With the policy of the continuous relaxation of foreign companies, operating restrictions declining, and ultimately the citizens of the treatment, making the large number of foreign public Division can be introduced in the actual operation of new insurance products abroad. Second, the new "Insurance Law" clearly provides that the approval of property insurance companies in the report, allowing short-term business health insurance products and accident insurance products, policy, property insurance companies to relax so you can get involved in health insurance markets, increase The high-end medical insurance market size of competitors. Finally, the "on deepening the views of medical and health system (2009)" is also clear: insurance companies should actively develop commercial health insurance. Encourage institutions to develop commercial insurance health insurance for different needs Products, simplify the claims procedure, convenient for people to meet the diverse health needs. Encourage businesses and individuals through participation in various forms of commercial insurance and Medicare supplemental insurance beyond their basic needs. This shows that the government Policies to encourage insurance companies for the Social Security "wide coverage, covers basic and sustainable" to carry out the features, in its demand on the basis of differentiation for different health insurance policies. Therefore, based on the above three points, including Life, Ping An, CPIC, Jinsheng, United States and Asia, including several insurance companies have launched related insurance products to compete for market share in high-end medical insurance. How to protect the global high-end medical insurance service High-end security is not only a comprehensive medical insurance, the characteristics of a high sum insured to protect the core of globalization is one of the characteristics. In addition to claims for medical treatment abroad can be achieved, but also include 24-hour international hotline service, 24 hours Global emergency services, emergency evacuation and repatriation, emergency services, including visiting a number of additional services globalization of insurance. Not familiar with the insurance market for foreign insurance companies in terms of established global service network needs to Invest a lot of money and effort of its conduct research and build, so the insurance companies was difficult to carry out global insurance services, however, with Goodhealth, MSH management companies such as globalization, the emergence of third-party insurance, insurance Companies can rely on third-party company's global service network to carry out global insurance services, so that the protection of globalization possible. How to avoid price wars and other low level of competition In recent years, group health insurance market, triggered the homogenization of the products of insurance products compete on price alone insurance market conditions continue to occur, companies under pressure to keep down insurance premiums, making the group health insurance products Products 100% loss ratio is much higher than the normal level. Faced with this situation, the company is also actively exploring how to develop differentiated insurance products to meet the insurance needs of different, and ultimately the core strengths rather than relying on product prices Access to insurance market. Different types of high-end crowd, the selection of projects for the protection of a very different, requiring insurance companies have targeted personalized design insurance products, which makes the protection of the design space giant insurance company Large, can win the market with differentiated products. Detailed analysis of the demand for high-end medical insurance and available from the following considerations: the protection of regional choice, considering only covers mainland China, including China or Hong Kong and Taiwan, Asia Pacific, Europe and America; clinic doctors School choice, consider whether the social security cover designated hospitals than private hospitals outside; protection project selection, consider opening the type of drugs, treatment courses, type of disease, care protection, physical protection; protection scheme selection, test Consider an individual plan, family plan or group plan; protect the choice of additional services, to consider providing emergency relief programs and services; Peifu cycle options, consider the choice of the network to shorten the Peifu straight time pay. The Company should analyze its own business advantage, the provision of appropriate insurance products and insurance services, both to meet the different needs of the insurance, the same time, both their own characteristics.
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