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Bribery of a medical device company in Hangzhou, Wenzhou four hospital departm

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To sell the company's reagents, a medical device company in Hangzhou, Wenzhou four hospitals to the laboratory director, chief of a total of 31 million yuan of bribes. Yesterday, Yueqing City Procuratorate on suspicion of bribery units Unit of the accused Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Hangzhou million, and the defendant is too Jin Jianying, Chung Leung prosecution for. Hangzhou Wan Chung Leung is vice president of Pacific Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.. Seven or eight years ago, as a car accident, when he met Ren Yueqing City People's Hospital, director of the Golden Globe testing (handled separately), the two became friends. The next few years, Chung Leung ball twice to the company proposed to its Bangmang the biochemical analyzer and coagulation analyzer Yinru Yueqing City People's Hospital Laboratory, but all failed for various reasons. In 2007, the ball was informed that the unit immune to purchase a fully automatic light-emitting device, this time he decided to help Chung bright busy. He then informed this information Chung Leung, bidding companies to participate in them. In order to improve the successful rate, Chung Leung, general manager of Jin Jianying Zhuanmen find talk: "The company agents in this business, apparatus, reagents are bundled with the instrument free of charge, while the reagents are profitable. Previous to our business are not Tuozhan successful, this can not be too rules, and must be resorted to 'trump card', to the introducer ball a number of rebates. " Soon, they choose to come to find the ball in Wenzhou, the company asked him to help the immune agent Abbott light meter into Yueqing City People's Hospital, and the ball promises to give the instrument after winning reagents used in the total business volume of 10 % as a rebate. Since then, the ball million to the hospital recommended the company's equipment too. As a purchaser representative, he also used his position, so the company will be million technical parameters of the instrument agent standards-based, qualitative, quantitative writing in the tender documents. As a result, the tender documents so the company is almost tailor-made for the million, largely undermined the competitiveness of products of other companies. The results, so companies have no doubt million bid. To honor their commitments, from May 2008 to December 2009, the Jin Jianying Zhong Liang and 6 times the agents charged a total of 205,000 yuan and the back four golden goal to give the Chinese cigarettes. Yueqing City Procuratorate also alleged that from 2007 to 2009, Jin Jianying, Chung Leung had also sent two Yueqing City Second People's Hospital Inspection Section Shangding Kun (was sentenced to 5 years), Wenzhou Hospital of Integrated Traditional and Western Test director of Chen Ruihai (handled separately), the main hospital laboratory Cangnan people Renxie Yu Cheng (handled separately) and other reagents charged back to a total of 10 million yuan.
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