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Card of honoured guest of the member that Camry pushs guild is made pull open or

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Protect make trouble industry to develop medical treatment, rich Beijing medical treatment serves, better offer disease to have comfortable and high grade, convenient service, satisfy the demand of disparate arrangement of ideas that broad disease has, provide service of new-style medical treatment, new pattern. The product that quickens medical treatment service upgrades. Beijing Camry oral cavity runs finite liability company (oral cavity of Camry of the following abbreviation) carry out in the round especially " with medical treatment the service is core, the faces broad patient member honoured guest that conforms with international blocks business, build Vip consulting room at the same time. This Camry oral cavity carries out honoured guest card in the round, pulled open oral cavity medical treatment to serve new phase, also indicate oral cavity enters a Camry new level of system of medical treatment of system of executive member honoured guest.

As we have learned, honoured guest card blocks the member that establishs 4 kinds of disparate arrangement of ideas, by diamond Vip card, platinum card, Jin Ka, honored guest gets stuck, composition. Among them diamond Vip card can enjoy person specially assigned for a task to recieve, person specially assigned for a task guides examine, private doctor, person specially assigned for a task nurses, area of sole wait to see a doctor, independent clinic, whole journey is accompanied, remedial cost is avoided completely wait for a service, member of honoured guest of contented high quality scales is exalted the demand with honor; Platinic card can enjoy free choice to treat spatial Vip room, the appreciation service that can enjoy Camry to offer at the same time and plan of dental health care join platinic member club; Jin Ka basically is hairdressing of middle class tooth to serve a quantity to be made personally, it is a Zhang Meiya that Camry oral cavity rolls out salon series privilege gets stuck.

Honored guest card basically is to pass on broad patient to the support since we are long-term set limit to issues. Disease suffers from hold a few kinds of afore-mentioned card to be able to be in respectively cure, rehabilitate, abnormal, wait for the discount that disparate arrangement of ideas enjoys on the project. Additional, the person that hold card still has the right of the activity that enters the rich and colorful that Camry oral cavity holds. Honoured guest card abounded the spare life that disease has, let disease suffer from what treating to be able to enjoy higher administrative levels, human nature changes a service.

Liu Jia of president of Camry oral cavity speaks of, honoured guest card still is in primary level in the emission of medical treatment market, so our card is lead is rare those who be short of, offerred service is high grade, no matter facilitate from what use,very large dominant position is occupied on the substantial sex of gender or charge. And Camry oral cavity still establishs the emission that cooperates honoured guest card large-scale Vip clinic, use top-ranking medical treatment equipment and technology to accomplish hardware establishment.

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