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Does the hospital lack professional handler?

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The hospital of the 2008 international that do not have stannum that held on April 25 develops a seminar to divulge one investigates data: The investigation that visits 96 hospitals of city to 21 shows, the person that have the hospital management of 28 % only has accepted short-term and professional post to groom, the administrative knowledge that the hospital supervisor of 53 % masters, originate work at ordinary times of experience accumulate. "The progress of hospital management enjoys effectively medical treatment service to will have very big stimulative effect to the citizen, be badly in need of hospital management professional without stannum at present. " Cao Xirong of director of the health bureau that do not have stannum says. Deepen ceaselessly as what medical sanitation system reforms, environment of market of the medical treatment that do not have stannum produced tremendous change, "3 endowment " hospital, seek profits sexual hospital and blame seek profits sexual hospital competes with the stage, the management pattern of hospital tradition faces grim challenge. Concerned expert points out on the meeting, domestic hospital is current the most defective is not technology and equipment, have the governor of new idea however. To this, cao Xirong of director of the health bureau that do not have stannum expresses, such situation is more general also in the hospital that does not have stannum. "Without stannum expert, scholar is short of in the controller of large hospital, but often have as controller " short leg " . Many people in them are to be in rely on management by experience. " he says, the strength of conformity of medical treatment resource that does not have stannum nearly two years is very great, make on configuration of medical treatment resource hard " pyramid " medical establishment pattern. And mature with each passing day as what consume an idea, the patient selects a hospital, also will be to be chosen blindly no longer " renown cure " , " renown equipment " , and the integral actual strength that values a hospital can morely and service. Should see a doctor not only easy, had seen a doctor even, and these will form a challenge to hospital level of management. Make what need of tower pointed hospital has major government knowledge so so " professional handler " will turn a power.

As we have learned, at present without stannum about the branch already intent and French Lyons medicine manage an institute to cooperate, open grooms about what the hospital manages class.

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