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From north 4 annulus east the Hui Xindong bridge of the road sets out, along Hui Xindong street southward two stations ground, road east be apart from national stadium namely " bird's nest " recent Beijing 3 armour hospital -- Sino-Japanese and friendly hospital.

The hustle and bustle on escape ave, circle quiet a lot of hospitals east the door, arrived of ministry of international medical treatment close before. Wear the door and enter, the environment here is cleaner than common hospital all the more, neat, halcyon, the patient that see a doctor should be gotten less much. In this building of two buildings, set independent outpatient service and ward of be in hospital. During Beijing Olympic Games was held 2008, here will provide high-class medical treatment service to come from the athlete of world each district.

Medical treatment of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals " leading sheep "

The Sino-Japanese and friendly hospital of directly under Ministry of Public Health is to go up the large omnibus modern hospital that the century provides collaboration of free aid, Sino-Japanese two countries to build by Japanese government at the beginning of 80 time, opened a courtyard in October 1984. This courtyard always shares many pieces of 1300 bed, 2900 people control on-the-job personnel, have the more than 500 people of title of technology of deputy advanced above among them.

Sino-Japanese and friendly hospital is a hospital that combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine, the doctor of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medical science is mixed for 900 people respectively 300 people. In the meantime, it still is hospital of the health care central. At the outset Beijing is applied 2008 when the Olympic Games, sino-Japanese and friendly hospital serves as exclusive one accepts international Olympic committee to inspect unit of international medical treatment sanitation to win full marks.

After Beijing obtains the Olympic Games to hold advantageous position, sino-Japanese and friendly hospital becomes first Beijing Olympic Games to order a hospital surely, also be to receive those who treat an athlete exclusively to order a hospital surely, still will be in charge of in addition " bird's nest " the medical treatment safeguard of field of main body Yo.

Job of Olympic Games of assistant dean of Sino-Japanese and friendly hospital, hospital leads Peng Mingjiang of group assistant group leader to say, sino-Japanese and friendly hospital can be become receive those who treat an athlete to order a hospital surely, have the following reasons roughly: Hardware environment and establishment are conspicuous; The medical treatment that has Gao Shuiping, cure protects technical force and leader of a batch of learning; Area of center of situation distance Olympic is opposite closer; Traffic, jockey to go to the lavatory quite.

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