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Hospital of baby of beautiful Fu of bank of wide recently hair and Beijing Ma starts medical treatment to serve the activity of instalment jointly. The public is in Beijing when hospital of baby of Ma beautiful Fu sees a doctor, want hold Guangdong to develop the credit card of the bank only, avoid with respect to what can enjoy medical treatment cost breath instalment serves.

Wide issue the move that starts medical treatment to serve instalment in countrywide banking, offerred new idea of a kind of brand-new go to a doctor for common people undoubtedly.

"Had heard of only before me buy it is car, OK to buy the consumable such as the room instalment, never had thought like unripe darling such medical treatment serves to also can adopt the form of instalment. " the form that square lady decides to use instalment on the spot, "Although the money that lays a darling does not calculate much, but will tell as conduct financial transactions, it is a right choice " .

According to reporter understanding, gain ground very much in instalment of foreign medical treatment, and home, still belong to first. In the past, there ever was a hospital to try to had developed the business of medical treatment instalment in certain zone, but the bank was not participated in among them, it is the individual action of the hospital only. Sex of risk of medical treatment industry is otherer the industry is higher, this is domestic bank arrives without sortie tardy medical treatment instalment the main reason of this one domain.

Home is current credit system already work up rises, medical treatment technology also got substantially rise, medical treatment instalment had had the possibility of implementation, want to choosing partner respect to supporting cautious attitude only additionally, technology of choice medical treatment and service quality the hospital with new concept of good, medical treatment, with respect to risk of credit of avoid of the can oldest rate, make the client of the bank gets material benefit. Be in abroad, insurance of medical treatment, business and bank are having close cooperative relationship, can make so guest not only from respect of medical treatment technology, and can from respect of safe, healthy economy, obtain ternary safeguard.

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