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Hangzhou: 15 hospitals dean makes known his position to boycott commercial bribe

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25 days, by procuratorate of Hangzhou city people, on procuratorate of people of the city zone initiates jointly " forum of dean of hospital of crime of post of precaution of 2007 Hangzhou city " in the province wholesome hall is held. Besides the relevant leader of the procuratorate, include medical service of short for Zhejiang Province cure of one courtyard, short for Zhejiang Province the large hospital such as 2 courtyards inside the dean of 15 hospitals, discipline appoint secretary in all 50 much people attended the meeting.

System of sanitation of medical treatment of development of precautionary post crime, procuratorate and hospital combination are held with " refuse trade bribery, be far from a post to commit a crime " the forum that gives priority to a problem, such form is in provincial be first.

Show according to the investigation of Ministry of Public Health, medical sanitation expense becomes the 3rd big spending after expenses of food of family of our country afterwards, education. How the post of system of medical treatment of keep within limits commits a crime, maintain the interest of common people, it is the social problem that gets attention fully all the time.

Domain of medical treatment sanitation is the key field that job of commercial bribery processing hits. According to statistic, came 2003 between 2006, mechanism of Hangzhou town procuratorial work in all put on record investigates case of bribery of commerce of system of medical treatment sanitation 35 35 people, 9.02% what occupy bribery case put on record to investigate a number. Look from the conduction circumstance of the case, the commercial bribery case of this domain appears a 3 big characteristics commonly: It is hair case place, commit the crime formal concentration is stable. These cases happen in the link of purchase and sale of medicines and chemical reagents, medical apparatus and instruments more.

Formal much performance purchases medicines and chemical reagents and process of medical apparatus and instruments to be in in, receive or demand the sales commission of druggist. 2 it is the nest is strung together the case is outstanding. Professional work of medical sanitation field is extensive, involve a branch much, once have guilty happening, often be nest case is strung together case. 3 it is a leader cadre experience record is much. In investigated case, involve a dean (contain secretary of assistant dean, Party committee) 13 13 people, 37.14% what hold sum total of put on record of this domain case.

On forum of 25 days, 15 hospitals expressed the determination that boycotts commercial bribery in succession. Cure of short for Zhejiang Province one courtyard introduces on forum, the hospital holds medicines and chemical reagents every months to supervise leader group meeting, to the medicines and chemical reagents of on complete courtyard two months use circumstance undertakes comparative, analysis, commonly used to different dosage discharges the medical personnel in before complete courtyard 3, group of drug supervisory leader can send remind a letter, enter to 3 above remind list but the public health worker that just when use dosage argument,cannot show again, give on the net inside the courtyard announce. 2 courtyards hold to cure of short for Zhejiang Province execute a dean human affairs of not direct be assigned personal responsibility for, financial, capital construction works, do detached " spectator " .
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