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Complete outfit photographs Hangzhou hospital to cite dispute like head privacy

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"The hospital installs probe entirely, can you involve privacy? " 2 days, one stone arouses the information that Hangzhou hospital wants to install probe entirely inside two years 1000 billow, someone has said, have hostage doubt. Where is the bounds of public safety and individual privacy after all?

Citizen viewpoint: Have approbate also have concern

"Just install probe to now, large hospital should be installed early, installed always had installed than doing not have, give what thing to also can have a thread. " yesterday, the reporter comes to one hospital of Hangzhou city interview, mr Zhang that bears a son to see a doctor thinks, should record the thing that come down only incorrect outside, he can be accepted completely.

In the province Fu protects outpatient service hall, holding out abdominous Ms. Lin, speak of the possibility in the section office such as department of gynaecology and obstetrics of probe, her unexpected the earth's surface shows calm: "I had been been used to, I do financial work, there are a lot of probes originally in the job, which place does not have probe now. Which place does not have probe now..

A when in cure of short for Zhejiang Province one courtyard sees a doctor young schoolgirl says to the reporter, a lot of circumstances of the patient involve privacy, my illness is not willing to let others know for certain, but after installing probe, who can assure nothing more than discharge?

Be in Hangzhou plastics hospital, just finished Miss Zhang that cuts double-fold eyelid operation also feels to be affected a bit, she says: "Cut double-fold eyelid of course it doesn't matter, but if be metamorphic operation, may not be willing. May not be willing..

40 years old of middleaged people of the left and right sides still raised a question: "Kinescope data of the patient, can be you taken by the person of tubal video tape go selling to the net? Can be you taken by the person of tubal video tape go selling to the net??

Lawyer argument: Use monitoring must have a system to assure

The 6 Liu Chenglin's lawyers with attorney office say Zhejiang, the law that at present our country law did not counterpoise to privacy is limitted with the explanation, just be in " civil code " , " marriage law " in waiting for legal laws and regulations, allude somewhat. The hospital installs probe to whether violate privacy, the key is the final use that should see monitoring kinescope.

If probe installs the extent that can know in the masses, for instance the corridor, hall, office area that open wide, do not have what problem; If install,check in department of gynaecology and obstetrics room, change wait between the garment alone small lie between in, constitute menace possibly to patient privacy right.

The lawyer still puts forward at the same time, the hospital cannot travel, the privacy that divulges a patient, controller should use up the supervisory obligation of a goodness, have " carefully attention is compulsory " , to assure patient privacy nothing more than discharge, controller still should have the system of an effective, guarantee against photographs collection individual privacy, assure patient condition nothing more than discharge.
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