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Jiangxi sort of charge of medical treatment of hospital of 2 class above to the

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5 days, the reporter is saved from Jiangxi new come on stage " information of medical treatment service is public show administrative way " in understanding arrives, the inpatient of orgnaization of sanitation of congener medical treatment that visits hospital of 2 class above completely, outpatient is average after lowest of medical treatment charge and before 5 highest sort, will announce to the society.

The reporter understands, save hospital of 2 class above to include completely, hospital of hospital of hospital of the hospital of governmental open, the liberation army that be stationed in another name for Jiangxi Province, armed police army, enterprise of factories and mines, civilian battalion hospital, China and foreign countries is joint-stock cooperative hospital. In the meantime, wait to also will do in governmental correct wind about information of the workload information of medical establishment, medical treatment quality every quarter or every half an year are released on the website.

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