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Country is the biggest database of MRI of coronary heart disease is built in Bei

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The country that in capital medical university accessary Beijing brought chastity hospital to hold a few days ago continues to teach a project " countrywide heart and vessels is ill 2007 video diagnostic progress and heart and vessels are video reach new technology to use study squad " on understanding arrives, current, beijing installs chastity hospital to finish and built home the biggest the complete and clinical nuclear magnetic resonance of patient of a group of coronary heart disease (MRI) data database; This courtyard medicine quantity of 64 CT examination also reachs video section the world is most.

Video division Professor Zhang Zhaoqi introduces this courtyard, beijing An Zhen hospital takes the lead in beginning the MRI comprehensive examination to coronary heart disease and research in home from 2000, active of perfusion of function of the heart form that includes patients of pair of coronary heart disease among them, heart, cardiac muscle, cardiac muscle, coronary artery is become picture, formulate of program of the diagnosis that is patient of coronary heart disease thereby, treatment and prognostic evaluation were offerred without achieve video learn a trick.

The clinical practice of their all previous via 7 years and research, finish and built home the biggest a group (3718) the database of data of complete and clinical MRI of patient of coronary heart disease, the diagnosis and treatment that develops coronary heart disease for further development and research laid a foundation. In the meantime, take the lead in finishing in home and published MRI of coronary heart disease to diagnose operation guideline plan, for domestic hospital especially basic level hospital adds up to MRI of manage application heart to undertake a disease diagnose, provided scientific basis and effective means.

In recent years, because not have,achieve a heart and vessels video learn a skill, include nuclide of CT of 64 heart MRI, helix, heart scanning and supersonic and enchanted the ceaseless development of the graph, make clinical application heart and vessels video the number that learns a technology to undertake checking increases ceaselessly. Among them the occurrence of 64 CT, realized real significance to go up without achieve coronary artery examination, make patient of coronary heart disease is not had achieve a gender inchoate diagnose, the sieve of doubtful patient checks coronary heart disease, danger is spent statified become a possibility with prognostic evaluation.

Introduce on this conference according to Professor Zhang Zhaoqi, since the hospital that install chastity introduces first 64 platoon CT in home from 2005, had completed the 64 CT inspection of disease of nearly 20 thousand heart and vesselses, among them doubtful patient is in coronary heart disease and coronary heart disease 11 thousand, it is a group of the world's at present greatest case load, for our country medicine the diagnosis of disease of video heart and vessels, gathered rich clinical diagnostic experience and reliable data.
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