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Of resounding whole nation " neat 2 medicine " case of victim claim for compensation, was in Guangzhou city a few days ago court of people of division of the Milky way continues sessional cognizance. In front courtyard careful, 3 courtyards put forward Zhongshan, be willing to be below the premise that distinguishs legal responsibility, first the compensatory money of victim of pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, think at the same time " the hospital should be avoided duty " ; Additional, court also this brief of a case " issue of product quality liability " turn and qualitative for " dispute of medical treatment damages " , sufferred Zhongshan the opposition of 3 courtyards.

From a year many before to today, the hospital still fails to walk out of the mire of that one crisis, does the reason where? The personage inside course of study thinks, zhongshan 3 courtyards today's place, had rung the alarm bell that had to take crisis management seriously to us again.

Crisis incident " prognostic and undesirable "

The near future, patient household account accuses Zhongshan losing of 3 courtyards compensation is civil consecutive open a court session hears compensatory case inside 10 days. 11 victims family member parts the claim for compensation that to Guangzhou Zhongshan 3 courtyards raised amount to amount to more than yuan 2000. Victim representative lawyer expresses, zhongshan 3 courtyards because drive up drug price, its part should qualitative for the sale square, behoove loses liability to pay compensation.

Zhongshan 3 courtyards think, they are in buy and use of medicines and chemical reagents go up to be carried out completely according to law and trade provision, do not have fault, should mix by drug production business specialize in an enterprise to assume corresponding legal responsibility.

And forensic criterion puts forward in the front courtyard careful August 10, should this case qualitative for " medical treatment damages dispute " , before this follows widely different of qualitative product liability dispute. After the case with collegiate bench new read out is qualitative, suffer Zhongshan instantly of Cai Yanmin of lawyer of 3 courtyards representative object. Cai Yanmin expresses, the relevant law of dispute of according to product liability, accuser thinks the accused wants to assume the joint liability of product quality problem, and Zhongshan 3 courtyards also pledge according to the product the code such as capacity method, prove oneself need not compensate for a victim. But new qualitative mean " 3 courtyards assume Zhongshan the odds of responsibility is steep add " .

In the meantime, cai Yanmin expresses, zhongshan 3 courtyards set out from the overall situation that protects a victim to close right increase, be willing to undertake pay for sb and expect to be repaid later to the victim's harm, the person that retain pair of other defendant and responsibility undertakes seeking the right of countervail lawfully.
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