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Fujian strengthens hospital information management to cut off rake-off " all squ

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Open a place to go to just be measured by the doctor more or less to give sales commission, be called " all square " . Medical delegate often can master doctor of a certain medicines and chemical reagents through staff member of hospital information center the actual prescription quantity of every month, undertake " all square " . To stop this action, cut off doctor and medical delegate between the connection of economic interest, hall of Fujian Province sanitation was given out recently " the announcement that manages about enhancing hospital information system " .

" announcement " requirement, the hospital must control the accredit number of database manager password strictly, cent is in principle of super user code 3 paragraphs, lead by be assigned personal responsibility for of controller of center of administrator, information, hospital respectively master, the password returns otherwise to undertake changing regularly. In the meantime, always involve likely pair of medicines and chemical reagents, medical the module that dosage of bad news material undertakes inquiring statistic by the doctor or software should give discharge is divided, and want pair of information systems module of information inquiry function undertakes clearing related medium medicines and chemical reagents, information of the drug in deleting module of function of general administrative or technical offices inquires statistical program. Not accredit is other section office and individual inquiry doctor use medical case.

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