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Chinese medicine signs up for: Our country doctor " inform " consciousness needs

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On September 12, by Chinese doctor morality construction and law help 100 foreign fund be in charge of appoint can write " medical treatment informs manual " head hairdo is in Beijing to hold. On this activity, concerned expert points out, investigation makes clear, the medical treatment dispute of our country 60% above are caused, need of our country doctor rises from legal level " inform " consciousness, rise from inside real work inform skill.

What ▲ encroachs know the inside story to agree with authority to become patient dimension to counterpoise is additional kind of form

Director of research center of law of Beijing University sanitation, " medical treatment informs manual " chief editor Professor Sun Dongdong says, the legal consciousness that thought of our country citizen fors the time being increases the rate that legal system of speed far outclass builds. In domain of medical treatment sanitation, construction of wholesome legal system and medical treatment system are reformed, the photograph is later to starting at other sphere. Dispute of doctors and patients already made the central point with contradictory society, and industry of medical treatment sanitation is prevented not as good as to this abrupt. In recent years, although concerned a branch to make laws and regulations of a few law in succession, the traditional idea of medical personnel and be on guard to consciousness also is changed somewhat and be strengthened, dan Hong watchs medical treatment environment and did not produce a change because of this, mode of relation of collaboration doctors and patients also shows clue first merely.

Contrary, because actual society morality and behavior are short of normatively,break; Personnel of official of a few party card, judicatory, ordinary people and medical personnel are right the difference with the understanding bigger presence of medical science feature, medical treatment environment is more harsh, medical treatment dispute emerges in endlessly. Learn to wait for concerned branch statistic according to China cure, the whole nation is annual case of medical treatment dispute tens of thousands of, and increase by degrees with the speed of 11 % . In these cases, make unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment truly occupy 30 % left and right sides only; In suffer from what just sue to appeal to by in, think cure just was not fulfilled tell obligation, encroach those who suffer from square know the inside story to agree with authority to exceed 60 % .

Teach according to university of Chinese politics and law, " medical treatment informs manual " Liu Xin introduces one of authors, at present the case of tort of medical treatment dispute of our country has been transformed to the litigant form of diversity by tort of onefold in the past unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment, damage tort dispute, medical treatment to serve contract dispute besides conventional medical treatment besides, appeared to violate patient privacy again authority issue, encroach a patient to consume authority issue, and encroach patient know the inside story to agree with authority issue to wait, and had emerged in recent years reveal the many case that encroachs patient know the inside story to agree with authority issue. If the patient wants to sue tort of unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment,be in in some cases, as a result of the complexity of medical treatment technology and limitation, the patient wants to obtain win the lawsuit special difficulty, then, some patients chose to encroach what patient know the inside story agrees to counterpoise to appeal to. Current, this has become additionally one kind of when suffer from Fang Weiquan important form.
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