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Contemporary thinking makes courtyard of Zhejiang traditional Chinese medical sc

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Medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns is our country's particular traditional medicine, also be the main component of system of sanitation of our country medical treatment. Long-term since, its are handy the advantage of check cheap won wide swarm to be approbated numerously. Current, our country has personnel of tens of medical establishment of nearly 3000 traditional Chinese medical sciences, medicine of 10 thousand traditional Chinese medical sciences, assuming the whole nation annual the outpatient service quantity of close 1/3, service of drug of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine pervades urban and rural, the development that learns for the health of broad masses and medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine made enormous contribution. Recently, our newspaper reporter walks into a part " courtyard of countrywide demonstrative traditional Chinese medical science " , from specialized subject of characteristic of outstanding traditional Chinese medical science, development only ill, begin combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine, education of exert oneself talent and the respect such as the hospital in making courtyard of international traditional Chinese medical science, modernization, show window and result, let masses understand medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine more, also make other hospital gets beneficial enlightenment is mixed from which draw lessons from.

The Hangzhou west lake in beauty east bank, the courtyard of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine such as the 3 stage shell that has a modernization -- the Zhejiang that having nearly 80 years of histories visits hospital of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, its " contemporary " , it is the establishment in building of outpatient service building, ward is mixed not just those who decorate is contemporary, more the couple that medicine of old now traditional Chinese medical science and modern technology everywhere see body and application.

With traditional Chinese medical science of inheritance of modern management method

Elevator slowly from the environment quiet and tastefully laid out outpatient service hall rises 7. Elevator, enter the gate of right hand side, an antique screen above all greet, writing on screen " big medical science absolutes sincerity " the big character of 4 green.

Zhejiang province is here the academy of renown traditional Chinese medical science that the hospital in be being saved hangs out his shingle. The hospital in Zhejiang province is " academy of renown traditional Chinese medical science " actual controller of the job and the person that carry out. This one ten offices are registering different house number respectively: The constitution differentiates atelier, demonstrative atelier of cure of atelier of health care of preserve one's health, name, name cure atelier...

Inside demonstrative atelier of a renown cure, the reporter sees an advanced acoustic image collects a system. King female root, expert of old traditional Chinese medical science, also be the dean before Zhejiang saves courtyard of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. He says, old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is traditional " take person " the method is to let a student look aside, copy next copy prescription, and this one acoustic image collects a system old traditional Chinese medical science " hope to hear ask cut " each each each word, link, movement is recorded come down. These acoustic image data can be used for research, communication already, also can use for education, and one of train of thought that the medicine in using modern technology inheritance is person of courtyard of Zhejiang province traditional Chinese medical science.
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